Apple Plans to Sell 10 Million "iSlate" Tablets In a Year?

There is no doubt that iPhone has been one of the biggest successes of the decade, not only for Apple, but for everyone who is associated with it, including AT&T and the developers of iPhone Apps.


However, it looks like Apple is pretty confident of their new tablet, dubbed as or whatever name that comes to your mind. According to Bloomberg, an ex-Googler did some insider predictions that Apple is looking to sell around 10 million units of the Apple tablet.

It’s a pretty aggressive number for a class of product that’s not yet established, but if anybody could do it, Apple’s probably the one company that could

Though the idea in itself does not sound far fetched, it would be interesting to see how many users actually buy it. Rest aside, iSlate will be demoed in late January by Steve Jobs himself, and will go out on sale in March or April.

However, the pricing of the product will decide whether it will win or not. After all, 2010 will see several new Internet tablets being launched and the iSlate is just one of them. What do you think?

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