Apple started a New Patent War, Now patenting Mobile App Mockups

Patenting laws in the US are at the height of their stupidity and have become a joke. There are patents on technologies like electrified table-cloth, method of swinging on a swing, methods of bowling, fluid operated zipper and baby patting machine!


Apple has joined the race and has started patenting mobile app mockups. Staska at Unwired View writes,

In mobile travel app patent application, Apple describes things like sending travel promotions, making reservations through mobile app, guide/assistance with airport services, using mobile boarding pass, remote check-in, access to in-flight services, sending automatic arrival notifications to your spouse, travel guide services/promotions at the destination site.

However, the root of the problem is not Apple. As one of the comments at the source blog said,

Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

It is partly true. The silly patent war is the one to blame, as is Apple or someone else. This can happen anytime because the patent laws allow it. However, the severity of the matter depends on what exactly they are planning to patent. If it is a unique technology related to the app, it is righteous. However, if it is the complete app idea itself, Apple will soon run into patent wars and more hatred.

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