Apple Offering Full Refunds for iPhone 4

Earlier today, Steve Jobs addressed a iPhone 4 press conference in relation to the Antenna issues plaguing the since it launch. The iPhone 4 conference began on a lighter note with Steve Jobs playing the iPhone Antenna song to the invitees. (Read: Steve Jobs iPhone 4 Conference Details Roundup)

Steve Jobs iPhone

To address the issue Steve Jobs demoed several mobile phones dropping connections and later on offered FREE bumpers for iPhone 4 users to pacify users.

In addition to the free iPhone bumpers, Steve Jobs also said that if you are unhappy with the 4, you can return the undamaged device for a full refund. Steve Jobs quoted: "And, if you’re still not happy even after getting a case, you can bring your iPhone 4 back undamaged for a full refund. We are going to take care of everyone. We want every user to be happy — and if we can’t make them happy, we’ll give them a full refund."

So if you are unhappy with your iPhone 4 even after you get the free iPhone bumper, head over to your local AT&T or Apple store to return the device and get a full refund back.

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