Apple iPod Touch and iPod Nano Announced

Before announcing the new iPhone, Apple announced a new updated version of iPod Nano. The new iPod Nano looks similar to its predecessor, and sports the same compact design with a multi-touch display.


The new Nano has some improvements though. It sports a Pedometer, which allows it to track a user’s walks and running/jogging session. There are also some UI enhancements to make it easier to navigate.

Other than that, there are 16 new clock designs. Oh! There is also FM Radio for the people who still care about it. The new Nano from Apple is also their cheapest Nano until date, with the 8GB version coming in at $129, and the 16GB version costing $149.

The Fruit named company also announced an updated model of the iPod Touch. Compared to the 4th gen Touch, the new Touch is slimmer and has a Retina Display. The new Touch will also have a front-facing camera for FaceTime with a camera at the back which is capable of recording HD videos. The new iPod Touch will run on iOS5, with all its new features including iCloud and iMessage.

The new iPod Touch will be available beginning from October 12, with the 8GB version coming in at $199 and the top-end 64GB version costs $399. The 32GB version costs $299.

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