Rumor: Apple to Launch iPod Touch with 3G in September

A very interesting rumor about the new version of the iPod Touch is working its way through the tech media right now. Apparently, a Dutch blog, Applespot, has reported that Apple might be working on 3G version of the iPod Touch.

According to their sources, Apple’s new iPod Touch 3G will launch in September, and it will work just like the iPhone. You can buy a 3G data plan from your ISP and insert the SIM card into the iPod Touch. It will, obviously, not support voice calling, since then it would be exactly the same as the iPhone.

Apple iPod Touch

While the source of the rumor isn’t very credible, I wouldn’t be very surprised if this did turn out to be true. Like the iPad, the iPod Touch could also have a 3G version. It’s only the logical next step for Apple, but what I’m worried about is, how it might affect iPhone sales.

Since the iPod Touch is substantially cheaper than the iPhone, launching a 3G version of the iPod Touch might actually cannibalize Apple’s iPhone sales. Using apps like Skype for VOIP calls and iMessage for text messaging, it could very well function just like an iPhone. One thing’s for sure, the carriers will definitely be happy with the increased data usage, though they might lose some voice revenue.

If Apple does launch an iPod Touch with 3G, it could also double up as an inexpensive version of the iPhone, sans the voice calling. It might be just what Apple needs to capture more market share and fight off competitors like Android and Windows Phone 7.

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