Apple iPhone OS 4.0 to Get Multitasking – Screenshot Leaked

Earlier, we reported that Apple is going to host a major event on January 27. Initially, we had speculated that Apple will be announcing the highly anticipated Apple Tablet during this event. However, it appears that the Tablet is not all that Apple has in mind. Apple may also utilize this event to unveil the next generation iPhone OS.


Very little is known about the upcoming Operating System (OS) update. However, BoyGeniusReport has managed to get a rough idea about the planned improvements. According to their source, the highlights of iPhone OS v4 will be:

  • Multitasking: iPhone has the largest application market, which features some truly mind-blowing apps. However, the lack of multitasking in iPhone has been a major annoyance for both users and developers. The news that iPhone v4 will support multiple ways to run apps in the background is enough to get excited about the next gen iPhone.
  • Multi-Touch: The OS update will also introduce system wide support for multi-touch gestures.
  • Enhanced Intuitiveness: iPhone is already extremely intuitive and is quite possibly the most well designed mobile OS. IPhone OS v4 will take this to the next level by introducing further user interface (UI) refinements.
  • Upgradability: The OS update will be available for iPhone 3G and 3GS.
  • Syncing: The new version will introduce some new form of syncing for contacts and calendar applications.

BGR’s source also seems to suggest that the rumored Apple Tablet (iSlate) is going to be called iTablet after all. The iPhone OS is expected to be the base for Apple Tablet. Hence, it makes sense for Apple to announce both simultaneously.

As we inch closer to January 27, the rumors will start coming thicker and faster. It will be interesting to note which ones come true and which ones don’t. Keep following TechieBuzz to stay updated on all iPhone related news.

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