Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Won’t Bother The Android Market

No matter how many adjectives Steve Jobs punches into describing his products, the iPhone OS 4.0 this time, smart gadget users know what others in the race are offering. With the iPhone OS 4.0, the iPhone will see multitasking and some customization on the desktop. One thing to notice is that, this feature has always been available on Android.

Though, this and most other features of the new firmware are only a subset of those offered by Android currently. It is expected that the launch will not affect the market capturing growth of Android.

The new loud-shouted feature of the iPhone OS – multitasking was a key component of Android OS from the time of its inception.

Apple has been a trend-setter and an innovator.  It has survived on its superior user experience and popularity but customers are getting smarter now.  Android offers better features at lesser prices and it seems like a fair deal.

The iPhone OS needs to gear up and get ahead of Android to get back its thunder. At least, that will help it retain the huge market it has managed to capture.
(Via: PCWorld)

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