Apple iOS5 Releasing on October 12

Before announcing the next-generation iPhone, Apple gave us a small run-down of the top 10 features in iOS5. The new version of iOS has some major changes, including a much needed and completely revamped notification center.


The new Notification center in iOS5 is highly inspired by the Android notification system, except that it looks much better and functional. Other than this, iOS5 also has a new messaging system for iOS users, iMessage. This new service will allow iOS device users to interact with each other for free. iMessage has the potential to be a true BBM killer.

Other major change in iOS5 is deep Twitter integration. iOS users just need to sign-in to Twitter once, and they are done! No need to sign-in again, anywhere. They can also see the latest tweets from their contacts when they open the Contacts app. They can also directly share an image on Twitter right from the Photos app.

Other changes in iOS5 includes Push to all devices, Reminders which is location aware as well, new Camera app, new and improved Safari with a new interface, improved Game Center, enhancements to the Mail app, and most importantly Wi-Fi sync. iOS users can now directly sync their iDevice to iTunes via Wi-Fi. Also, they don’t need to connect their iDevice to a PC when they start it for the first time.

Apple also announced that iOS5 will be available for free starting from next Wednesday i.e. October 12th. The new version of iOS will be compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2, and the 3rd and 4th gen iPod Touch.

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