Apple In Trouble

Apple blocking the Google Voice application stating that it duplicates the functionality of iPhone native application, has taken a new twist or say gotten Apple in trouble? The Federal Communication corporation, FCC, has asked Apple, AT&T the reasons for rejecting the applications submitted to App store. Also, FCC has asked Google to give in written the reply they received from Apple for rejecting the app.


FCC, in its letter to AT&T, clearly asked about the role AT&T plays in deciding which app gets accepted and which doesn’t, for the Apple’s app store. FCC also wants to know the difference between Google Voice and other VOIP apps that have been approved by Apple’s app store.

This shows that Apple just can’t have dictatorship over its app store.  It’s clear that Apple alone did not make this decision as it has nothing much to lose. It is AT&T’s loss if Google Voice had been approved by Apple’s app store, as Google Voice allows users to make cheap network calls and send cheap sms than that of the network(AT&T here).

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