Apple Gets Preliminary Injunction Against The Sale Of Galaxy Nexus In The United States

The Patent war has taken the mobile industry by a storm. Companies have started spending more money on lawyers and suing the heck out of its competitors, instead of innovating and releasing new products. Apple has been at the center of the patent war suing each and every Android OEM maker out there or any product that threatens its iDevices. Up until now, Apple had managed to get a ban on Galaxy Tab sales in some regions of the world, along with a short ban on the import of the HTC One series, including the EVO 4G LTE, in the United States.

Today, a U.S judge has granted Apple a pre-trial injunction against the sale of the Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus in the United States. This means that Samsung/Google won’t be allowed to sell the Galaxy Nexus in the United States until the trial begins sometime in late-July. Apple has alleged that Samsung has infringed on four of its patents, including Slide to unlock, word suggestions, link actions and universal search. The judge granted the pre-trial injunction against the universal search patent, which Apple states is an integral part of Siri.

The situation in the mobile industry has definitely gotten worse thanks to the patent wars, and I’m pretty sure this ban on sale of Galaxy Nexus is not going to go down well with Google and Samsung. Looks like it’s time for Google to make use of all that patents it got access to, when it purchased Motorola.

Via – Reuters

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