Apple Fights Back: Attempts to Ban All Nokia Imports in the US

Apple-Nokia-Patent-LawsuitThe patent squabble between Apple and Nokia just reached new heights. As expected, Apple has chosen to go on the offensive, while reacting to Nokia’s ITC (International Trade Commission) request to ban Apple device imports in the US. Apple has decided to file an embargo request of its own. Notice of Apple’s complaint was posted yesterday on ITC’s website

The dispute started when Nokia sued Apple for infringing its patents and demanded royalty for a bunch of technologies related to GSM, UMTS, and Wi-Fi. Later on, Nokia filed a more comprehensive complaint which covered various implementation details including camera sensors and touchscreens.

It would certainly interesting to see who eventually emerges as the winner. However, a typical ITC hearing (if granted), takes in excess of a year. So get a pack of popcorns and enjoy the ride.

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