Apple Claims Android Device Counts Include Chinese Knockoffs

Every time someone releases stats on Android, Apple is owned and fires back with some excuse. The last time Google released stats on Android device activations, Apple claimed it included upgrades. This time, when Android has swept past Nokia and amounts for as many Apple and Blackberry phones, Apple claims that the figures includes Chinese variants of Android.


In short, Apple just cannot stand the Android growth and wants to take every chance to speak against it. Android, now accounts for a third of the global handset population and the situation in the fourth quarter reports are reversed from last year. In Q4 this year, Android accounts for double of Apple’s sales and has pissed off Apple.

Apple has claimed that it includes OPhone devices based on the Android variant OMS developed for use in China. OMS was originally developed for CDMA connections in China. Now, it has made it incompatible for Android apps but compatible with Symbian apps. In short, the app is nothing related to Android but has been included in the stats. Another Android fork, Tapas OS has been seen in China that focuses on Chinese social networks and software especially built for use in China.

Appleinsider reports this as,

That suggests most the growth in “Android” numbers is coming from no-name vendors selling devices in countries such as China, using devices that don’t support Google’s development of the OS (via ads or search services) nor even expand the platform in any meaningful way that could benefit Android users.

As pointed out at Daring Fireball, it would be interesting to know how many of those devices are from Chinese forks.

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  • Appler

    Dude, you’re a moron.

    None of this has been claimed by Apple, the company. AppleInsider and Daring Fireball are blogs run by industry watchers, who may be loyal to Apple, but are certainly not representatives of Apple.
    Learn to read properly before you write. Dumbass.

  • PK

    To tell you the truth I could really care less. Window’s has 90% of the PC market does that it the better OS?

    I’m one of those Verizon customer that has been waiting for the iPhone for years and had to settle for Android/Blackberry, and it not because I like them. Once the iPhone 5 is released sometime this summer I’m ditching both my Android based phones (I can’t believe I’m saying this but the new Windows 7 phone really nice and innovative and I would buy one of those before an Android phone).

    I wouldn’t even bother with Android if your on an Exchange for all piratical purposes it’s minimal at best with a POS mail client. Thank God my company started using Good Messaging technologies. It’s been the only thing preventing me from throwing my Android in the trash. It will be interesting seeing what happens to the numbers ones the iPhone is released on Verizon.

    • Yup

      I feel your pain PK…your right on Android is nothing special. Look at their apps they suck games they suck. They look like everything else that is open source…crap.