Apple Cards App – Send Greeting Cards To Your Loved Ones Right From Your iPhone

The first thing which Apple announced at its on-going Let’s Talk iPhone’ event is the Cards app. This new app from Apple allows users to make their own greeting cards.


Users can select a card style from a huge catalogue of cards design, and select a pic of their choice to be printed on the card.

Apple will then print the card, and mail it to the desired recipient. The company will automatically notify you when the card is printed, shipped and delivered to the desired recipient. The shipping charge is $2.99 for mails within the U.S, and $4.99 for rest of the world. The shipping service used will be USPS, and the greeting card will be printed on 100% cotton paper.

The application will be available in the App Store beginning from October 12.

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Rajesh Pandey

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