Apple Asks Iphone Developers To Test Push Notifications

Apple has sent email to the Iphone developers to test features on Iphone 3.0. In a E-mail forwarded to few of the developers, Apple wants to test its push-notification technology, which allows apps to receive updates.

In the email Apple asks the developers to download the pre-release version of the Associated Press app for iPhone OS 3.0 by entering a unique redemption code which will expire within 7 days.

The Iphone 3.0 push notification technology is believed to be based on the same technology as Apple’s push system for MobileMe.


How it will work for the developers?

  • Developers will get to test the new OS3.0 three weeks prior to the worldwide release.
  • Apple will take the stress of the developers’ server. It will first send the information to Apples’ server, which Apple will forward to the developers.

Apple earlier missed its deadline of launching this technology with Iphone 2.0. Instead Apple made it huge and are launching with their new OS 3.0 beta 5. Currently, the service only works with the device’s core applications: incoming calls, texts, and calendar appointments,pushes through twitter, RSS feeds and more. The service was delayed as Apple realized there will be more demand from both third-party developers and the users.

Here’s the screenshot iPhone’s new notification system.


Although Apple has asked the developers to test the new Push Notification technology, it wont be able to make any changes in it if they find problems at this stage as iphone OS 3.0 beta 5 is to launch in next three weeks. What Apple can do is, add more servers.

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