Apple AppStore Has 650,000+ Apps; Expands It To 32 More Countries

Apple’s 23rd World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) has just kicked in and the company has announced some staggering new figures related to the AppStore and WWDC itself. Apple states that WWDC, which is currently in its 23rd year, ┬áthe oldest running developer conference in the world. Apart from WWDC, Apple also announced that the AppStore is the world’s biggest digital application download store with more than 30 millon user accounts.

The AppStore is big not in terms of user accounts but also in terms of applications, the total number of downloads and revenue. The Apple AppStore has an astounding 650,000 apps of which 225,000+ are specifically made for the iPad. This is in stark contrast to the Google Play market for tablets, which barely has around 1000 apps optimized for it.

Overall, Apple users have downloaded more than 30 billion applications from the AppStore and the fruit-named company has paid developers more than $5 billion in total until now. Apple also announced that it is expanding the AppStore to 32 new countries, thus taking the total tally to 155.

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