Apple App Store Hits 10 Billion Downloads

Apple had recently put up a download counter on their website, which displayed the total number of iOS apps and games downloaded from the App Store. Since the last two days, it has been hovering around the 9.9 billion number, but today, at around 4 PM IST, it has finally touched 10 billion.

Yes, more than 10 billion apps have been download from the App Store since it was launched on July 10, 2008. That’s more than 10.8 million apps every day, about 125 apps every second.

Apple App Store 10 Million

According to a report by Asymco, about 60 apps have been downloaded on every iOS device on average. The App Store has completely revolutionized the way in which apps and games are distributed and has created many millionaires. It spawned many copies like the Android Market, Windows Marketplace, Blackberry App World etc.

Inspired by the success of the iPhone App Store, Apple even launched an App Store for Mac OS. It has also been trying to trademark the word “App Store” to stop competitors from using it.

Apple had also announced a contest in which it would give away a $10000 gift card to the person who downloaded the 10 billionth app. The name of the lucky winner will soon be revealed. Even MacPhun announced a $5000 gift card to the winner.

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