Angry Birds For Android Makes $1 Million Per Month in Advertising Revenue

Angry Birds is one of the biggest mobile app success stories of all times. It was first released on the iOS platform, priced at $0.99. It passed 10 million downloads back in November, just on the iPhone.

Rovio Mobile, the creator of Angry Birds, also released it on Android on October 15. This time around, it released it for free, the only price which works well on Google’s Android platform. Like most developers, it hoped to make money off advertising. It just passed 7 million downloads a week back.

Angry Birds

Today, Google Mobile Ads just released a Youtube video marketing Angry Birds as one of the most successful apps using its mobile advertising platform. Apparently, by the end of the year, Angry Birds for Android will be netting Rovio over $1 million per month in mobile ad revenue.

These figures indicate that Rovio would make more money on Android than on any other platform.

Check out the video by Google Mobile Ads.

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