Full Version of Angry Birds for Android Coming Next Week


The wait is almost over! The full version of Angry Birds – arguably the most addictive mobile game on the planet, will be launching in the Android Market next week. Angry Birds has gone on to become a phenomenon with the iOS version (iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.) amassing in excess of 6.5 million sales. Heck, it might even be adapted into a movie.

The beta version for Android was released last month and garnered a favorable review from us. According to a tweet by Revo Mobile, the developer of Angry Birds, the final version will feature full multi-tasking support. This will enable the game to save its state when interrupted in-between a level.

The demo of Angry Birds has only a handful of levels and left most Android users craving for more. I know that I will be purchasing the final version when it comes out. Will you?

One thought on “Full Version of Angry Birds for Android Coming Next Week”

  1. Definitely YES !! I guess I’m just one of those users you’re talking about, craving for more levels ! I got 14 out of 15 levels to 3 stars (still working on level 7) but I just want MOOORE ! And I’m getting tired of having to ask iPhone users to borrow their phones just to enjoy new, unknown levels (although I’m always happy to beat their scores :D )

    Let’s out-download iOS users ! :D

    Don’t know about you guys, but I’m pissed we, AndroUsers, always have to wait for iPhone games to be released on Android… it’s time the table turns !

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