Android Leads the Pack in the US with a 39% Market Share; iOS Comes Second with 28%

Android has been leading the U.S. smartphone market in terms of market share since a few months now. We already reported that Comscore’s numbers suggest that Android has a massive lead over its closest competitor – iOS.

Today, Nielsen released some updated statistics which confirm what we all know. Android is way ahead of the other platforms with a 39% market share, while Apple’s iOS comes second with a 28% share. Apple’s share, which had plateaued, has been growing again, since it launched the iPhone 4 on Verizon.

US Smartphone Market Share - Android, iOS, Blackberry

Both the platforms are growing at the expense of RIM’s Blackberry, which is now down to 20%. Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 together have a 9% share, which is expected to grow further, especially with Android’s patent troubles in the U.S. HP’s webOS and Nokia’s Symbian have a 2% share each.

However, when it comes to hardware, Apple leads all the way, with just 2 devices. It (with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4) has a 28% share. HTC comes second with a 14% share for its Android devices and a 6% share for its Windows devices. Motorola comes second with a 11% share for its Android devices, while Samsung comes in third with an 8% share for its Android devices and a 2% share for its Windows smartphones.

Samsung is expected to launch its bestseller – the Samsung Galaxy S2 – in the U.S. market soon. Considering the success it has seen worldwide, that should boost its percentage share significantly.

For now, at least until Apple launches the iPhone 5, I’m tempted to say this: Apple can suck it. Android FTW!

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