Qihoo, Kaspersky, and Avira Top New Android Security Product Shootout

Mobile security is still a nascent market, but most security vendors have already begun investing significantly in an attempt to gain an early lead. Android with its unregulated Market and regular malware scares probably represents the most lucrative platform for security vendors. All the big names including Avira, Kaspersky, McAfee, and Norton have their own Android security solutions. PC Securities Lab has tested twenty of them on a sample set of 251 malwares.

The top performer was Qihoo’s 360 Mobile Safe that correctly identified 236 threats and returned no false positives. Kaspersky and Avast followed with 228 and 227 detections respectively. Qihoo, which managed to edge out more well-known global players, is China’s leading mobile security vendor with more than 40% market share. It’s worth noting that PCSL is also based in China, and it is possible that their sample set had a significant number of local threats that could have given 360 Mobile an edge. The detailed report, which is expected to be published later this week, could shed some light on the sample set.

Popular products like Lookout, Norton, ESET, and Webroot chose to be anonymous, which is just as well because most of them found themselves in the bottom half of the list. The results summary is below.


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