Rubik’s Cube: Solved In 12.5 Seconds By An Android

A Lego Mindstorms Kit has been able to solve the Rubik’s Cube Puzzle in 12.5 seconds, thanks to the 1 GHz Google Nexus One powering it.
The feat was made at the ARM developer conference at Silicon Valley this week. David Gilday was the man behind this machine and he claimed that the average rubik’s cube solving time for the robot was 15 seconds, 12.5 being the best time.
The robot was powered by a Nokia N95 that could solve the puzzle in 25 seconds. The cube in question has 3×3 grids and David Gilday has expanded the solution to work with as large as 100×100 cubes. He writes in his blog saying,

A number of people asked if the robot could solve any of these larger puzzles. I said no’ and added that they would be physically much harder to solve than the 3x3x3 since the robot would have to be able to turn both the outer faces and the second layer of pieces. I dismissed the thought until [a colleague] suggested a way of adapting the original mechanism to allow the second layer to be manipulated.

Having classified all the pieces, I was able to write a generic algorithm and generated a set of sixty-four lookup tables that could solve a scrambled cube of any dimension limited only by RAM and processor time. I tested this algorithm on virtual cubes as large as 100x100x100.

See the robot at work in this video.


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