Android OS Jumps to 27% Market Share, iPhone OS Remains Unchanged at 55%

Android the flagship mobile OS from Google, has made huge inroads in the the mobile market share by jumping 7%, claiming 27% share in the data available for November 2009. In October, Android OS had a market share of 20%. iPhone OS has been steady throughout both months with a 55% share in the smartphone market in US.

smartphone_market_october_2009 smartphone_market_november_2009

A 7% jump in one month is quite big, but that should be attributed to the number of phones that are now being launched with the Android OS, including the Motorola Droid. This number should further increase with the introduction of and Sony Xperia X10, which are both scheduled to hit the markets next month.

However, Apple is also planning a major update in future with iPhone OS 4.0, which might just be speculation as of now. The data for the smartphone market share is collected by Admob, which is the largest advertising platform for smartphones. The data as of now is restricted to US markets only, however, this might be completely different for global markets as Nokia and Symbian still rule the rest of the world.

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