Crackle Launches First Android TV & Movies Streaming App for Android

Sony’s Crackle, a service which is known for their TV and Video streaming has announced a new App which will allow users to watch full episodes of TV shows and full movies on their devices.

Crackle Movie Streaming Android

The free app which is available in the Android Market gives users access to hundreds of movie and TV show titles. The free version lets viewers watch snippets of the TV shows, whereas the premium version which comes at $4.99 a month gives users access to all the titles available with Crackle.

Crackle which boasts of a huge list of original shows, movies and TV shows does not have the video library the Hulu boasts of, however, it does have some really good movies which you could watch on the go.

Some of the top movies on Crackle include Snatch, The Cable Guy, High School High and Taxi Driver, with original shows such as Urban Wolf, Angel of Death and Trenches.

The Crackle app itself is free in the Android market, however, you will have to pay the $4.99 subscription fee to access the service monthly.

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