Android is Now The Most Popular Mobile OS in the US

Canalys Smartphone StatsAndroid has overtaken the iPhone and Blackberry platforms in the US smartphone market. The Android OS now leads the others with a 43.6% market share. Apple has a 26.2% market share with the iOS platform while RIM comes in at the third place with a 24.2% share.

Microsoft’s share has plummeted down to a measly 3.0% but it is widely expected to improve following the Windows Phone 7 launch. Apple is the undisputed leader though, when it comes to hardware. The iPhone is undoubtedly the single most popular phone in the US.

Worldwide, Symbian still is a force to reckon with. It leads the market with a 33% market share. In India, Symbian (Nokia) still has over 65% of the smartphone market share.

via Canalys

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