Android Market: Doesn’t Have 100,000 Apps, But Still Doing Pretty Damn Well

AndroidAccording to the unofficial metrics provided by AndroLib, the Android Market now has more than 100,000 apps. Unfortunately, it appears that the figures suggested by AndroLib might be inflated. Google’s official count states that there are only 70,000 Android applications in the Market.

This discrepancy might be due to international markets. It appears that Google only considers the US Market, while AndroLib takes into account foreign Markets as well.

While Android might not be growing at the exponential rate suggested by AndroLib, it is still growing rapidly. The official figure points to a 40% growth since April. AndroLib is also predicting that the Market has crossed 1 billion app downloads. However, this may also turn out to be inflated.

Apple remains the clear leader with more than 225,000 apps. Nevertheless, with 160,000 Android handsets being activated every day and new devices being released every month, Android platform continues to impress.

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