Android Market Shares Rises In US, Reports comScore

According to comScore’s report, in Q2 2010, Google’s Android is the only smart phone OS to show growth in US market. Other OS like the RIM, Apple, Microsoft and Palm showed loss in market shares. Google’s Android, showed a growth of 4%, since Q1 this year.


RIM holds the majority at 41.7%, losing 0.4% compared to 42.1% of Q1. Apple is behind RIM with 24.4%, again losing 1.0% compared to 25.4% in Q1 (iPhone 4 sales not included in Q2). Microsoft holds the third spot with 13.2%, a loss of 1.9% compared to 15.1% of Q1. Google is at the fourth spot with 13%, gain of 4% compared to 9% of Q1. Palm takes the bottom with 4.8%, losing 0.6% compared to 5.4% in Q1.

The graph will change soon when iPhone 4 sales will be added. Windows Phone 7 and Android 3.0 release will also cause a huge change in the shares. At present, the conclusion is that Android is growing at a super fast rate.

The report also shows that majority of the people in US use their phone for SMS/texting. Samsung has topped the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) with 22.4%, followed by LG at 21.5% and Motorola at 21.2%.

(Source) Image Source Engadget