Android Market Goes Online

At the recent Honeycomb event Google just put the market Online. The Market will now be available for browsing online at android_market_online The Android Market can be accessed through an online browser and the apps will be downloaded to your web devices. More details on the new Online Android market coming up soon.

Up until now, Android users could only download and install apps from the Android Market app on their phone. The new Android Market web store   features a carousel that shows a variety of popular and featured applications. The app detail page will feature high detailed pictures of the application in question so as to lure more users. Android users can directly purchase/install the app from the web store and the app will be directly installed on your Android phone.

Users can also share the application they like on the web store with their friends on the popular social networking site Twitter by simply clicking the Tweet’ button. Users with multiple Android devices can select their default device as well as give their handset nicknames. Android users can also sort the apps in the web store according to their popularity etc. Android users can also share the link of an application with their friends by simply copying and pasting the link of the web store. Opening the link of an app on the phone will directly open the Android Market.

Readers can read the official announcement from Google here.

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