Apple and Google Crunching the Activation Figures to No Avail

Oops, Steve Jobs did it again. Stating the obvious, Apple and Google are pitted against each other head-to-head and shoulder-to-shoulder. However, this time, Steve Jobs has declared the war formally with his good five minutes rant against Android and Google.

Steve Jobs had his moment against Android in a rant which went on to targeting everything Android, from the openness to the fragmentation and tablet experience. As usual, Apple friendly stats followed and all this because Google did it first.

We all remembered how Jobs responded when Google revealed some figures last time. They were prompt enough to blame Google for counting upgrades in the activation stats to which, Google responded with clarifications that they count only activations. Seemingly, apart from dressing as a schoolboy, Jobs also has the competitive spirit of one.

Google’s last claim stands at 250,000+ activations and Apple has topped that with 300,000 activations. It is only time before people get bored with this stat and mouse game. Another thing that Jobs did not mention was that they were counting all iOS devices in these activation figures whereas Google has clarified that they are not counting devices that do not use Google services, even though Android. Clearly, no one is winning the stats battle and no matter what, Apple fanboys will still buy an iPhone and Android fanboys will still sport an Android.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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