Android Ice Cream Sandwich to be Launched in October?

Rumors about the launch date and specifications of the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 have been circulating since months. Every other day, some blog comes up with a new rumor about the iPhone 5 specifications or design, based on the iPhone 5 cases designed by some obscure Chinese company. The iPhone 5 may be launched by Apple in either September or October, depending on who you choose to believe.

New Windows Phone 7 devices are also expected to be launched in September, along with the Mango update.

However, there has been relatively low buzz about the next version of the Android OS – Android Ice Cream Sandwich. In fact, other than a rumor or two, we haven’t heard anything about it at all.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be the unified OS which developers and users have been praying for. It will run on both smartphones and tablets. The next Nexus device will likely be powered by the TI OMAP4 platform.

Today, BGR revealed that Google may be planning to launch Android Ice Cream Sandwich, along with the new Nexus smartphone as early as October. Google is apparently pushing up the release date of Ice Cream Sandwich to steal some limelight from the much awaited iPhone 5 launch. It also doesn’t want potential Android customers, whose contracts are set to expire in October, going for the iPhone 5.

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