Android Fragmentation? It’s A Non-Issue

Detractors of Android, mostly iPhone fans, don’t have much ammo against it these days. Android is continuing its upward march to smartphone platform domination, and is on its way to becoming the number one smartphone OS in the world.

If there is one thing that Android critics have been complaining about, it’s fragmentation. There are a lot of old versions of the Android OS which still run on a significant number of Android devices, despite Android 2.2 Froyo releasing months back. Not anymore though, today, the Android Developers blog released some platform statistics which gives an insight into Android platform usage.

Android Version Statistics

According to the stats, Android 2.2 Froyo, the latest version now runs on 43.4% on all devices. Android 2.1 Eclair runs on 39.6% of devices, while Android 1.6 and Android 1.5 run on 10.6% and 6.3% devices respectively.

What this means is that most users are now on the latest versions of Android, with phones having powerful hardware. Android 2.3 Gingerbread is set to launch soon, so things will change yet again.

via Android Developers

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  • You know for so long the Apple fan boys have been using “Android fragmentation” as ammo for when ever they want to try and bring down Android.

    As you can clearly see, Android is no longer as fragmented as it once was. However there is still room for improvement. I came across an article that touched point on some of Android fragmentation issues and how they can be overcome. You can read the article here: