Android Emulator Updated With GPU Support; Makes It Much More Usable!

Good news Android developers! Google has today released an updated version of the Android emulator for PCs, with support for GPUs and improved CPU performance. This means that like Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, even its emulator will be hardware accelerated thus delivering an improved performance.

Below is a video of an H/W accelerated Android emulator -:

Prior to this, the Android emulator was simply terrible. It was insanely slow! This new GPU support in the emulator is definitely going to please a lot of developers out there. The emulator now also supports OpenGL ES ¬†2.0, so game developers can run their OpenGL games inside the emulator. Beside this, the emulator now also supports a tethered Android device to accept inputs for sensors and multi-touch input. Google also states that it is working on adding emulator support for more hardware including NFC and Bluetooth.¬†Developers should also notice an improvement in CPU performance since the emulator now gets native access to the host CPU, thus nearly doubling CPU performance. Developers can find out more about the updated emulator over at Google’s official Android developer blog.

Along with this, the big G has also updated the Android Design guidelines to include dedicated sections on design layout for application settings, how to link your app with other Android apps and more. The updated guidelines can be found here.


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