Android is More Desirable to US Consumers than iPhone

A survey conducted by Nielsen between January and March 2011 shows that Android is now the most desirable smartphone OS (operating system). About 31% of those surveyed wanted to get an Android handset, while 30% preferred the iPhone. Sure, the difference between the two platforms is quite small. However, this shows a clear trend. The same survey for July – September 2010 saw 33% of the respondents chosing iPhone, compared to just 26% opting for Android phones.


Android has already managed to overtake the iPhone in terms of volume. Nielsen found that “half of those surveyed in March 2011 who indicated they had purchased a smartphone in the past six months said they had chosen an Android device”. Only 25% had opted for an iOS device. Apple had a huge head-start in the smartphone segment, and at one point looked unassailable. However, Android has not only managed to catch up, but is actually storming past the iPhone.


Typically one thing that Apple products have always had going for them is that they are highly desirable. The combination of slick design and intuitive user-interface makes almost all Apple products drool-worthy. Even though their prohibitive cost or locked down nature often forces many consumers to opt for alternative, Apple products are known for making people go “I want that, even if I don’t need that”. However, Android has succeeded in capturing the imagination of the general populace. Google’s open strategy seems to be working. Even though carriers like AT&T are trying their best to cripple Android, consumers still want to pick up an Android phone. Steve Jobs can diss Android as much as we wants; but, he knows that Android might do to Apple, what Apple did to RIM.

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