Android Captures 50% of Worldwide Smartphone Sales in Q3 2011

The third quarter of 2011 may have ended months ago, but the reports are still pouring in. This time, it’s Gartner, and it confirms what we have suspected all along.

Android is on a rampage, and continues to increase its share of total smartphone sales worldwide. 52.5% of all smartphones sold in Q3 2011 were powered by Android. iOS devices accounted for just 15% of global smartphone sales, and surprisingly, Symbian smartphones accounted for 16.9%.

Even though the total number of iOS devices increased, the percentage of iOS devices sold actually decreased, mostly due to Android. Boosted by the launch of the iPhone 4S, I expect iOS to overtake Symbian in the next quarter.

In terms of total mobile device sales in Q3 2011, Nokia maintained a huge lead in the market, with a 23.9% share. Samsung came second with a 17.8% share. Apple was way behind, with just a 3.9% share.

However, Apple probably makes more money from a single device sale than any other manufacturer does from ten, so these numbers aren’t really indicative of actual success in the mobile market.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to be having much success with Windows Phone, with its share of device sales dropping to just 1.5%. I agree that it was quite late to the market, but 1.5% is too low… almost humiliating, especially if you consider the rave reviews it has been getting. Hopefully, things will improve for it in 2012.

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