Android Security Apps Benchmarked: Bit Defender Has the Highest Detection Rate, Symantec the Lowest

The growing sophistication and popularity of smartphone operating systems has handed malware developers new platforms for wreaking havoc. Apple by and large avoids malware scares by maintaining a tight grip over the iOS App Store. However, Android’s open nature makes it a much easier target. Although malware outbreaks on Android aren’t nearly as big of a problem as they are on Windows, over the past year, a few of them have succeeded in creating trouble. PCSL (PC Security Labs) from China has published a comparative study of some of the security solutions for Android currently available in the market.

PCSL used a sample database consisting of 90 malware to test the detection capabilities of Android antimalware/antivirus applications. The detailed report is yet to be published, but the chart below illustrates the overall results.


Bit Defender was the top performer followed by a Chinese solution called Qihoo 360. Somewhat surprisingly, reputed vendors such as Trend Micro, AVG, and Symantec performed miserably. One possible explanation might be that PCSL, which itself is based in China, used a sample set that contained a sizable proportion of malware of Chinese origin. I guess we will have to wait for the release of the full report to know more. Many familiar names including Lookout and ESET were also excluded from this shootout; however, PCSL has promised to include them in the next edition.

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