Android Captures Almost 50% of the Worldwide Smartphone Market

The global smartphone market has been exploding in terms of sales. In Q2 2011, the market grew 73% year on year, with shipments of almost 107.7 million units worldwide. However, not all smartphone platforms are seeing equal growth. Nokia’s Symbian and RIM’s Blackberry have been on the decline since months now, while Android and iOS are gaining market share every quarter.


According to research firm Canalys, Android is the number one platform in over 35 of the 56 countries that it tracks. It now has a global market share of nearly 50%. About 52 million Android devices were shipped in Q2 2011, up 379% over Q2 2010.

It has an 85% share in South Korea, the home of Samsung – the largest Android device manufacturer, and a 71% share in Taiwan, where iPhones come to life. In the U.S. market, Android has a 39% share, while iOS has a 28% share.

About 20.3 million iPhones were shipped in the last quarter, making iOS the second most popular smartphone platform worldwide. It now has a 19% market share. Apple is now the largest smartphone manufacturer by sales.

Samsung comes a close second with close to 17 million unit shipments. It grew almost 421% year over year.

While Nokia still leads in emerging markets like China and India, it will soon be overtaken by Android devices.

Despite being bogged down by multiple lawsuits, Android is continuing its march ahead. The Droids are taking over the world.

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