Android 4.2 Gmail App To Feature Pinch To Zoom And Swipe To Delete/Archive A Message

With the launch of the next Nexus handset from LG coming closer, leaks have started flowing in almost daily. While we now know nearly everything about the next Nexus handset, what we don’t know is which version of Android it will run and what all new features it will bring on-board.

Today, the folks over at Android Police have┬ámanaged┬áto get their hands on the Gmail APK that will be included in Android 4.2. The latest version of the Gmail app brings with it one of the most requested and much needed features – the ability to pinch to zoom in an email.

Other than pinch-to-zoom, the new version of the app also includes the ability to swipe an email to archive it or delete it, which is thankfully user configurable and finally, the ability to mark an email as a phishing attempt. The Android Police guys managed to get the Gmail app work on their Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean without much of a hassle.

Sadly, they are not allowed to share the APK with the Internet, so we will have to wait until someone else leaks the APK or Google releases the Gmail app update in the Play Store.

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