Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Hits AOSP; Verizon Galaxy Nexus Gains AOSP Support
By on July 9th, 2012

Good news for all Android ROM developers out there. Google has released the source code of Jelly Bean in AOSP under the branch ‘jb-dev’. Considering that the OTA update for Jelly Bean is still not out, it is nice to see Google release the source code before that. Also, the Jelly Bean version pushed to AOSP is slightly newer than the preview build that Google had released back at I/O 2012 – Android 4.1.1 vs 4.1.

The release of source code means that owners of Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and XOOM can create a stock Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean build right from AOSP, and install it on their phone. Most importantly, source code will allow developers to work on Jelly Bean based custom ROMs. The CM team has already confirmed that CM10 will be based on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, and will support all the devices that ran Ice Cream Sandwich. The CM team also stated today that CM10 nightlies will not start rolling out immediately. They will start rolling out once the CM team manages to merge all the changes in Jelly Bean properly, without breaking anything.

Last week, Google confirmed that the Nexus S 4G is now fully supported in AOSP. Today, Google has posted all the binaries for the “toro” Galaxy Nexus a.k.a the CDMA variant of the handset. This puts the CDMA variant of the Galaxy Nexus at the same level of support in AOSP as the GSM version.This does not mean that Verizon will roll-out OTA updates quicker for the phone. Instead, users can always compile a build themselves from AOSP and install it on their phone.

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