Android 2.2 “Froyo” Unofficial Changelog

Android handsets have been coming out from the various mobile manufacturers stable at a brisk pace. The development of Android OS has also been pretty good. The OS has been gaining market share by leaps and bounds. Currently, the latest version of the Android OSandroid is 2.1. Reports suggest that Android 2.2 will soon be announced. The Android v2.2 is named Froyo. The new version of the Google OS will come with some major changes under the hood.

The reported features include:

*JIT compiler
*Free additional RAM
*OpenGL ES 2.0 enhancements
*Flash 10.1 support
*Fixed problem with crazy screen/ Resolution of cross multitouch
*Activation of Color Trackball
*Enable FM radio

The most important change in Android 2.2 is the JIT compiler. The JIT compiler translates the application written in JAVA to native code. This leads to significantly better performance, richer graphics and better battery life.  There is also Flash 10.1 support in the latest version of the OS. The new version of Android OS is also expected to enable Wi-Fi n support in devices which have the required hardware. The Linux kernel of Android will also get an update from 2.6.29 to 2.6.32. This will lead to additional free RAM on the various Android devices.

It is expected that that the latest version of the Android OS will be announced on May 19th, during the Google’s I/O event.

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