Adult-Only App Store Introduced For Android

The App store at Apple is infamous for rejecting apps due to their overly strict monitoring. Android, on the other hand, seems to be completely unregulated and unmonitored compared to the App store. Either that, or they fully support adult-only apps for the Android market.

That’s true. Adult-only apps are now available for your Android phone, something that is unimaginable for an iPhone user. Not only that, apparently there are enough adult-only apps for Android that an adult-only app store has been launched.   Mikandi is the first mobile adult app store that you can download on your Android handsets. Once installed, it gives you access to a number of free/paid 18+ apps. Apps are divided into various categories including Adult News, Erotica and Eye Candy.

Do you think Google should do anything about it? How would Google make sure that minors are not gaining access to these applications or is it not even Google’s responsibility?

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