Adobe Slashes 750 Jobs, Cuts off Flash on Mobile

In aggressive pursuit of a Digital Media and Digital Marketing strategy, Adobe made a layoff of 750 people from North America and Europe. According to official statements, this will help  Adobe restructure  itself.

In order to better align resources around Digital Media and Digital Marketing, Adobe is restructuring its business. This will result in the elimination of approximately 750 full-time positions primarily in North America and Europe. We expect to record in the aggregate approximately $87 million to $94 million in pre-tax restructuring charges.


The last layoff at Adobe was around two years back, which affected nearly 9% of the workforce. This time too, the layoff affects 9% of the standing workforce. However, the employee strength is not the only thing that went down at Adobe. Apparently, they are also killing the Adobe Flash plugin across all mobile browsers. Going further, Adobe plans to work with Adobe Air and HTML5, instead of Flash. It has also expressed plans to work with digital content, now that Air allows Adobe to work outside the browser as well.

Adobe will continue providing security updates to Flash on Android, for source code licensees. However, it will not develop Flash for mobile, anymore.

This might come as welcome news to Apple, which hates Adobe flash and almost went to cold war with Adobe over it. However, a number of web-services and websites still use adobe Flash, in spite of people speculating about its death over the last few years. Finally, this withdrawal might be the first indicator; towards a wipeout of Adobe Flash from the web.

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