Acer Launches The Ferrari Special Edition Liquid e Handset

Acer has launched a special edition of the Acer Liquid e handset. The special edition handset is known as the Acer Liquid e Ferrari handset. Acer has launched this special edition handset as a mark of celebration of the 800thAcer Ferrari F1 race of the Ferrari racing team. The specifications of the phone remain the same. The changes made are merely cosmetic.

The handset sports the popular black prancing horse logo on a yellow background a.k.a the Ferrari Logo. The microphone hole of the handset has also been re-designed to make it look like the air intake of the Ferrari F1 racing car. The phone is made out of carbon fibre, and few exclusive Ferrari content will be pre-loaded on the device. The retail package of the device will also contain some extra goodies. The goodies include a special edition Ferrari Bluetooth headset with noise-cancellation, and a shock and dust-resistant Ferrari carrying case. All the accessories and the handset will be available only in the trademark Ferrari colour red.

Acer kept mum about the pricing of the device, but we sure do expect the Ferrari special edition Acer Liquid e handset to burn a hole in your pocket.

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