A New Malware On iPhone


There has been a new Malware circulating around the world that affects Jailbroken iPhone/iPods. The malicious code is called iPhone/Privacy.A.

This piece of malicious code, if affected your Jailbroken iPhone, will scan for jailbroken iPhones within its range and if it finds one, it connects to that Jailbroken iPhone running SSH with the default password and takes away all the data including your email, SMS’s , Pictures, Music files, Videos, Calendar entries, and practically any data recorded by an iPhone application.

However, this malicious code affects only Jailbroken iPhones or the modded iPhones that have been modified to run unapproved software, which are running SSH with the default password alpineenabled. So if you have Jailbroken your iPhone, we recommend that you change your password from alpineto something more secure.

If you are unsure on how to change your password through SSH, follow this guide.

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Apurva Chaudhary

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