6 Must Have Apps For Android

There are more than 500 Applications available for Android baby(considering its entry into the market is pretty late). Here’s a guide to few must have applications for all.


VReminders is a basic reminder / to do application but has the added functionality of triggering and alarm and notification at a preset time and date without having to add entries into your calendar.


(Download link from Android phone only and not pc)

MyBuzzDroid is a simple service that lets you stay up-to-date on the things that matter to you, using your Android phone.

Currently, you can be notified when:
– There is a WootOff
– Sports scores.  Follow your favorite MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL teams.
Smoking hot deals from slickdeals.com
– The weather tomorrow will be hot, cold, sunny, raining, cloudy, etc.
– The temperature tomorrow will be above or below what you set.
News Feeds with keywords
– One of your stock prices reaches a certain dollar amount, or changes by a certain percentage
– Your Fedex or UPS package status changes
– You get a new SMS (Create a different LED/Vibration pattern for each contact!)
– Your battery is low
– You get a new voicemail
– and much, much more is coming soon


FBReaderJ is a ebook reader for Google Android which supports several e-book formats: oeb, epub, fb2 also Direct reading from zip, tar and gzip archives is supported. I am hoping it would support pdf and other formats soon.

Contact Blast:

Contacts Blast is the revolutionary and fun new way of organizing your contacts. Contacts Blast seamlessly integrates with the Android contacts book and extends it allowing you to create groups and assign contacts to them. Quickly selecting your group from the main screen will display only the contacts for that group. And much more..


Automatically share your pics and videos to Shutterfly, PhotoBucket, SmugMug, Facebook, Gallery, Picasa and Flickr. No need to manually upload!

IM+ All-in-one messenger:($4.95)

Chat with IM+ All-in-One Instant Mobile Messenger within AIM/iChat, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpaceIM in real-time.

I have genuinely not included any dictionary/GPS maps applications since i didn’t find any better one’s. You know any better application for your Android? Let us know.

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