Only 14% Users Upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1.3

It has been 6 days since Apple released a new update to and iPod Touch in the form of OS 3.1.3, however, Apple Insider is reporting that only 14% have upgraded to the new OS version. The report was originally created by Medialets, a mobile ad serving network, which compared the hits to its advertising network after the OS upgrade was released.


One of the reasons for low number of upgrades might be that iPhone OS 3.1.3 does not carry any major changes, however, it could also suggest that several users might have been waiting for the iPhone Dev team to release an update to PwnageTool to jailbreak and unlock iPhone.

However, now that most of the jailbreaking software have been updated, this number will definitely grow further in the next few days. Have you upgraded to iPhone OS 3.1.3 yet? If not, what is the reason for not upgrading to the latest OS. Do let me know through your comments.

2 thoughts on “Only 14% Users Upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1.3”

  1. Heh, I'm still on OS 3.0. No (compelling) reason for me to upgrade, and now I think I have like 3 options open for jailbreak and unlock, following the upgrade

  2. iPhone OS 3.1.0 was such a disaster for me (no working phone for several weeks) that I will always now wait to hear any horror stories. Apple are a bit out of their depth with phones, I suspect.

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