12.1 megapixel Sony ericsson kokura?

Looks like sony ercisson is coming with a whooping 12.1 megapixel phone.

se-kokuraThis almost looks like Sony ericsson IDOU phone if you remember. Though as of now I don’t have much information on this, but from our sources we got to know that its based on the TI3240 chipset with the Symbian OS version 9.4 and S60 5th edition interface.

I was wondering if phones start coming with such huge megapixel cameras’ and they work decently, a normal photographer like me ever carry a digital camera with me. I am just crossing my fingers that this one takes decent pictures. I am going to pounce on it, once its out.

What about you? would you buy Sony ericsson Kokura?

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Apurva Chaudhary

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