How To Jailbreak iPad iPhone OS 3.2

Got yourself a brand new iPad? Here are the steps to Jailbreak your iPad :

Step 1: First head over to and download the Spirit Jailbreak application for your computer. The Spirit Jailbreak application is compatible with both Windows and Mac, so download the version that is compatible with your computer.

Step 2: Before jail breaking your iPad, it is recommended that you synchronize it once with your iTunes library. To do so, just connect your iPad to your computer and fire up iTunes. iTunes will automatically detect your iPad, and will show it in the column present on the right side. Click on your iPad name there, and an option to synchronize your iPad will automatically come on the main window. Press Sync and wait for iTunes to synchronize your library with your iPad.


Step 3: After the synchronizing is done, close iTunes and start the Spirit jailbreak application. The application has a single jailbreakbutton. If your iPad has been successfully detected by the Spirit application, it will show the OS version below the Jailbreakbutton (refer to the picture above). Press the Jailbreak button, and count until 10. Your iPad will restart during the process, and then bingo! Your iPad is now Jailbroken!clip_image004The Spirit jailbreak application will also show the Jailbreak succeeded!message when the jailbreak has been successfully done.

P.S.-: This method is only valid for iPad running on iPhone OS v3.2.

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