How To Get Free iPhone 4 Bumper Cases From Apple

Earlier today, Steve Jobs announced at the iPhone 4 conference that all users will be getting a free bumper case from Apple to get rid of the Antenna "Death Grip" issues. In addition to that, users can also return then iPhone 4 and get a full refund.

iPhone 4 Free Bumper Cases

If you missed the conference or did not see the Steve Jobs iPhone 4 conference video yet, here is something you have to know. Apple has promised that you can choose from one of the cases and Apple will send it to you. Since there is a shortage of bumpers with Apple, they will also provide users with third party options.

This offer is eligible for people who have already bought the iPhone 4 and who may purchase it before September 30th. In order to get your free bumper case, you will have to visit Apple’s website and select from available options. Though it is not very certain, the free bumper cases may also be available at Apple stores and AT&T stores across the nation.

However, the free bumper cases will not be available until late next week, so don’t expect to be able to do anything till then. We will try and post information as soon as the bumper cases are available online, so stay tuned.

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