WSJ: Microsoft To Acquire Yammer For $1 Billion

The Wall Street Journal has just confirmed through its own sources that Microsoft will acquire Yammer for $1 billion. Rumors surfaced not too long ago as someone eavesdropped in on people discussing the deal at a San Francisco cafe that’s right across the street from Yammer’s offices.

This is one Microsoft acquisition that I think makes a lot of sense: Yammer is a service that allows businesses and enterprises to set up private, internal networks that employees can use to communicate. These are fairly old numbers, but, as of 2010, 80,000 companies — including 80% of Fortune 500 companies — use Yammer. In fact, we even use Yammer here at Techie-Buzz for editorial operations and internal company communication.

It remains unknown when Microsoft will complete and announce the deal, but it’s unlikely that this is the big announcement that the company has in store for Monday. Bloomberg suggests that the deal could be completed as soon as tomorrow (Friday, June 15).

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