Microsoft Shows 4 New WP7 Phones

Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference for 2011 is currently underway at Los Angeles and after Steve Ballmer’s keynote yesterday, it was all about devices today.

During their VIP event in May where they officially unveiled Mango, Microsoft shared details about new hardware partners for WP7. A notable absenty was Dell. At WPC, a demo of WP7 Mango was followed by Steve Guggenheimer showing a lot of Windows PCs and four upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices.

Three new devices are from the new OEM partners and one is from Samsung. The new Samsung phone has a front facing camera which is expected to be in Nokia’s N9 version running WP7 too. The devices are Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE:

WMPU says the Samsung handset is the SGH-i937, the Galaxy SII running Windows Phone 7. The phone clearly has a front facing camera:

The guys over at WMPowerUser have uploaded an edited video of the conference showing just the phones which they have had to remove due to a confusion at Microsoft’s end.

Update: Rafael at WithinWindows has uploaded the clip. Here is the presentation that Microsoft didn’t want you to see:

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