Microsoft Announces WP7 Mango RTM Hours Before Fujitsu’s WP7 Handset Unveiling

Fujitsu will be unveiling the first Windows Phone 7 Mango device a few hours from now. And Microsoft just dropped a bomb on us.

Speculated and rubbished a few days ago were claims of Windows Phone 7 reaching the all-important RTM (Release to Manufacturing) milestone. (It means Microsoft’s finished the code and handed it to partners to get it to the customers.) The excitement was short lived but our hopes of getting WP7 Mango on our phones by the holiday season remained strong.

Today, those hopes were bolstered by Microsoft signing off on Windows Phone 7 Mango. As of now, developers have access to Mango Beta which while stable has some features missing. Mango reaching RTM also means, Microsoft will start pushing out the update to carriers. Microsoft’s experience with the past two Windows Phone 7 ¬† ¬†updates was not pleasant. Unlike the previous updates, Microsoft and partners are expected to see a smoother roll out this time around.

At their Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft showed 4 new Windows Phone 7 handsets. Fujitsu is expected to officially unveil the waterproof phone at an event in Tokyo.

You can catch a live stream of the Fujitsu event below:

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